About Us

FAST-FIX is a successful proven model, and has been since the opening of our first store in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1984. Right from the start, customers have responded to our key assets: convenient locations combined with high quality, professional jewelry and watch repair services while customers shop or wait.

Within two years of our opening, the FAST-FIX brand began franchising domestically with the first franchise store opening in Dallas, Texas in 1987.

Because franchise owners need no jewelry or watch experience to become successful, demand for franchise stores has steadily increased to more than 150 franchise locations across 26 states and Ireland.

Who Are Our Customers?

Our services appeal to a broad range of customers, crossing all ages, income levels and demographics.

Customers seek out our services because they are uncomfortable leaving their personal and sentimental jewelry or watch behind for weeks to be repaired, whether it’s in a store or mailing it in for service.

Our customers appreciate that Fast-Fix locations are conveniently located in high traffic areas. They value that our jewelry and watch repair services are provided by professional watch and jewelry experts, who are able to complete repairs while customers shop or wait.

Our customers are brand ambassadors who provide some of our best word-of-mouth recommendations.

Being located in high-traffic areas has another advantage, too. Our customers are referred to us by other stores.

Customers who love our convenient jewelry and watch repair services, also utilize our additional in-demand services:

*Some services vary by location
  • Smartphone Repair
  • Tablet Repair
  • Personalized Engraving Services
  • Eyeglass Frame Repair
  • Custom Jewelry Design