The Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs franchise story began as the aspiration of a loving son to his aging parents: to be financially able to provide and care for them in their later years as they had once provided and cared for him.

Although the son of a jeweler, Mark Goldstein’s education and career experience was in the New York business world outside of the jewelry industry. Yet in the back of his mind, he was obsessed with the memory of his father’s rants that customers hated leaving their jewelry and watches behind for repair.

It was during a Thanksgiving visit home for the holiday in 1984 when Mark came up with a groundbreaking solution, one that combined his business sense with his father’s chronic customers’ complaint.

Rethinking Jewelry and Watch Repair Services

The result came a few weeks later when Mark opened his first kiosk on December 15, 1984 specializing in jewelry and watch repair while customers wait or shop. Thus began the foundation of the first-of-its-kind jewelry business to focus solely on jewelry and watch repair, becoming what would later be known as Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs.

Within days of its opening Mark knew his business solution resonated with customers, and soon discovered there was an equal demand for related services. Over the next two years he would expand his success four more times, ensuring he had the means to financially care and provide both for his own family and his parents. Knowing he could replicate his business model, and believing others shared his same desire to be their own boss, Mark began to explore franchising his jewelry and watch repair business.

Franchising Success

The Fast-Fix philosophy is as valid today as it was when entrepreneur and innovator Mark Goldstein founded the company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since its inception, Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs has remained the hallmark of a specialty franchise business where the owner does not need a background or knowledge of jewelry and watch repair to be successful.

Today, there are more than 150 Fast-Fix franchise locations across 26 states as well as international locations in Ireland, with new stores opening frequently. Like Mark and his father, franchise owners come from diverse backgrounds. You can read many of their stories right here.

Join Our Team

A successful franchisee is someone with knowledge and experience in business, sales or marketing. While knowing a thing or two about jewelry or watches is helpful, it is absolutely not required. We assist our franchisees in how to market, choose the ideal location, build out the space, advertise and more. We also show them what to look for when hiring the experts and skilled craftsmen for their stores.

We believe in showing you exactly how to implement the Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs model. Combined with our ongoing support, training and access to both the company and other franchisees, we strengthen our franchise brand, loyalty and help you on your journey to becoming a franchise success story.

To learn more about franchise opportunities with Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs in your area, please complete the contact form or call (800)359-0407.