A gold watch with brown leather band appears open and you can see the mechanics of it.

How can you tell if a watch requires repair?

This may seem like an easy question to answer, but the truth is that many factors go into determining whether or not a watch needs repairs. Here are some of the most visible/noticeable factors to check on:

1. Moisture Visible on the Watch Dial or Inner Surface of the Crystal

Many people have noticed moisture inside their watch cases. This may be condensation from being in a very humid place, or it may be perspiration building upon the timepiece because you were wearing it while jogging or doing some other type of physical activity that made you sweat. If this is the case, your watch needs to be cleaned and dried out well before it can function again properly. Moisture can get between the dial and inner surface of the crystal, therefore preventing anything but "water-resistant" watches (usually) from functioning again until they are cleaned and dried out manually.

2. Loose Hands on the Dial

One of the most common issues that watch owners encounter is problems with hands becoming loose on their timepieces. This may be due to shock, impact, or general wear and tear, but it's something you will need to take care of before your timepiece is damaged beyond use. Get it repaired by one of our trusted watchmakers at Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs.

3. A Loose Dial or a Rattling Sound in the Watch Case

If you hear a rattling sound coming from inside your timepiece, then the chances are that something has come loose. This is commonly caused by shock or impact while the watch was in motion (such as wearing it while taking part in an outdoor activity) and can also be related to normal wear and tear over time. Either way, you will need to take your timepiece in for repair before this becomes more serious. The team at Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs will be happy to take a look at your watch and tell you the repair that it needs.

4. The Second Hand Skipping Ahead Five Seconds or More at a Time

This may also seem like an easy fix, but it is, in fact, quite serious. If this happens, you will need to have it fixed by a qualified watchmaker before using your watch again. If this becomes worse, then the mainspring of the watch will break or become damaged. This requires repair work that should only be performed by an experienced professional who knows how to handle delicate mechanical movements safely and correctly. If this is the case with your watch, please bring it in any of our 130+ Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs locations throughout the U.S. and our experienced watchmakers will repair it for you.

A watch can be your best friend for life if you take proper care of it. Our experienced jewelers and watchmakers will help you keep your watch running better than ever. If you are having problems with your watch, do not hesitate to bring it to Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs.