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The widely recognized Movado watch brand was founded in Switzerland in 1905 and acquired by North American Watch Corp in 1983. Its distinguishable timepieces feature metallic dots above 12 o'clock, and designs range from everyday fashion to high-end collector pieces. As a result, Movado watches are often considered a more-accessible luxury item.

Why It's Time To Use Fast-Fix for Movado Watch Repair

We have an extensive list of Movado watch services, including:

  • Band repair, resizing, and replacements
  • Renewal of silver, stainless steel, or gold bands
  • Addition or removal of band links
  • Battery replacements with optional warranty
  • Complete restoration, including pocket watches
  • Mechanical movement repair
  • Crown replacement
  • Crystal polishing and replacement
  • Cleaning and inspecting
  • Engraving
  • Testing for water resistance

How Fast-Fix Keeps Movado Watches Ticking

Keeping Movado timepieces ticking is easier with our warranty program, which extends the general battery life beyond 18-36 months. In addition to on-site watch repairs, maintenance, and restoration, we offer a pre-paid mail-in option. Once a complimentary quote is accepted, customers send us their Movado watches with a free shipping label. Our technicians communicate with our clients throughout the process, complete repairs, or make adjustments, and we typically ship watches back within 48 hours. With decades of experience in the watch repair industry, we help Movado watches stand the test of time.